Facebook's Instant Messaging App is a very popular app. Whatsapp can be used not only in English but also in your local language. WhatsApp comes with languages ​​like Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu, Tamil, Gujarati, Malayalam and Kannada. Today we will tell you how you will be able to use WhatsApp in your local language on Android and iPhone. The method for both Android and iPhone is different.

The user always remembers a general rule that WhatsApp follows the language of your phone. For example, if you make your phone's language Hindi instead of English then your WhatsApp app will appear in Hindi language. But as we told you that the process in Android and iPhone is a little different. The key thing to note is that WhatsApp comes with just 10 local languages ​​support as we have told you above.


Use such language in your language in Android phone

1) First go to Settings in WhatSap. 
2) After that you have to click the Chats option. 
3) After clicking on chats, you will see the App Language option. 
4) After clicking on the app language, you can choose your local language.

Use this in your language in the Apple iPhone

1) First click the settings app. 
2) Then click on General. 
3) After this you have to go to Language and Region. 
4) Then select the iPhone language. 
5) Then open WhatsApp and now you will be able to use the app in your favorite language.

Published on: 4/15/19, 6:18 AM