Social Media Platform Facebook recently added a new and working feature for users in their Messenger app. The Dark Mode feature has been introduced in Facebook Messenger. Apart from this, many other new features have been added in the app as you will now get a new user interface in the app. Facebook Messenger has a special trick to activate Dark Mode, following which you will be able to activate this feature. 

The thing to note is that to add the Dark Mode feature to Facebook Messenger, the latest version of the app should be present in your smartphone first. After updating the app to the latest version, follow the steps mentioned below.


Activate in Facebook Messenger like Dark Mode

1) First open Facebook Messenger in your smartphone. 
2) Click on any contact after the app opens. After that you have to click the Emoji button. 
3) After clicking the Emoji button you have to find the Crescent Moon emoji. 
4) Emoji needs to send it after clicking on it. 
5) After this, many moon emoji will appear from top to bottom and you will see a message written on 'You Found Dark Mode'. 
6) After that you can also activate Dark Mode by going to Settings or clicking on this message.

Published on: 4/15/19, 6:21 AM