These are the best applications for Android mobile phones that keep your mobile speed and security, if you are going through your mobile hang or slopes, then you must use these apps. Well there are many reasons for having a mobile hang. For example, many applications have been installed and kept in mobile with ram or else such application comes in the mobile due to which there is a lot of problems other than the hang in mobile. Many such websites open up by running the Internet and automatically download the application. This problem occurs only when your mobile does not have an application like an antivirus or a cleaner. 
There are so many friends in today's time that many people go to the internet, they will be seen many times such a problem So in this post you have a solution to this problem that you should use Antivirus.

To prevent Android mobile from hanging out, use the best application 

All the applications that are being named in this list are available in the Google Play Store. All the applications are free. But you can use even paid. You will get more features in paid application.
1. Clean Master
G Clean Clean is a great application that cleans your mobile phone's junk file and cleans your mobile's RAM, which makes the speed of your mobile go. The junk file in your mobile will help you with the problems of mobile hang It has to pass, it can do it to avoid it. Clean Master appu antivirus, junk file, battery saving mode offers many features.
2. 360 Security
360 Security This is also a good app that helps cleaner all the junk files from your mobile, along with this Security Protection, Speed ​​Booster and Junk Cleaner, these partner benefits, you can use this as well to increase the speed of your mobile. is . This app will be available for download from Google Play Store for free.
3. Security Antivirus-Max cleaner
Max Security Antivirus is also a great app that protects your mobile from viruses and cleans the junk file with it.
Also, it also provides the feature of App Lock for which you install any other App. It also protects you from clean viruses Spyware Blackmail also boosts mobile. It is also the Google store foot avalable for free dolod.
4. AVG Antivirus
Antivirus is one of the most favorite antivirus that you can use it to protect your mobile phone. However, it gives convenience like junk cleaner, mobile boost, etc. Some features of your mobile phone even after you have been stolen They do so in wiping. This antivirus has an email activation option that you have activated, after which whenever you insert a SIM card from your mobile phone, you will immediately send an email to your register email and instantly notify you.
5. Mobile Security & Antivirus-Avast
This app of the Avast company clears your mobile security and junk file, along with it blocks popups and unwanted ads, which makes you more upset. Those who go the Internet more often know about it well, have popups, unwanted ads. And how much trouble do they have. While running the internet.

6. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: Web Security & AppLock
This application is also very good for your mobile. You also have the advantage of locking the application with this antivirus, you can download it from Google PlayStore. So far 10 million downloads have been downloaded in the mobile.
This is also the best application for mobile that is a cleaner app. Its computer version is also available on the internet which will get you free and many people do it to the ccleaner in their pc and also in mobile. 
Published on: 4/15/19, 6:27 AM