A right web browser make a huge difference in your daily browsing without knowing that what is your need and priority is very fast browsing and performance, high quality security and privacy. Which browser suit you it’s totally depends on you that what are you need & priorities.

1. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox now retaken its Crown place after a huge update within 13 years. It’s known for its flexibility, reliability, speed, privacy and hardware friendly. Firefox recently added features regarding privacy, auto ad block tracker and launch Test Pilot program.

+ Very fast

+ Light on system resources

+ Strong privacy tools


2. Google Chrome

Chrome is most stable, brilliant, a controlled browser and easy to use in market.  Google say they make specific moves towards security, and is pushing HTTPS particularly hard. In upcoming versions they will make it very clear when sites aren't using HTTPS encryption browser block them, aiming to make it standard for throughout the web.

Cons is that chrome is system hungry browser its use more system memory specially Ram compare to others.

+ Fast performance

+ Infinitely expandable

- Resource-hungry


3. Opera

Opera's UI are most clean, brilliantly fast and its Turbo mode make it impressive in performance & stability even its reduce browsing data. Opera integrate ad block mode that make web surfing more comfortable for everyone. Specially built in VPN and re-routing mode dodge any restrictions by ISPs.

Opera automatically ducks out of the way if you're using secure sites like banks so your traffic is free and clear of any potential privacy violation and a battery-saving mode which promises to keep your laptop going for longer.

+ Excellent Turbo mode

+ Integrated ad-blocker

- Fewer plugins than competitors


4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft's new browser offers full integration with Windows 10. Integration with Windows 10's core gimmicks seems to be Edge's main strong point. It seamless working as a modern-skinned app on Windows 10's tablet mode, and works with Cortana.

+ Very Fast

+ Built-in reading mode

- Not backwards compatible


5. Tor Browser

Tor is not only a Browser it’s a complete security suite for Web Surfing. Tor is a crown of underworld dark web. You can access unlisted website through Tor. When you browsing with Tor nobody track you, store your data because it’s routed you from randomly nodes around the internet and you surely must forget about your privacy, security on internet, bookmarks and cookies.

You run it from a USB Drive.

+ No.1 Secure Browser around the Globe

+ Keeps browsing private

+ Blocks tracking cookies

- Performance is slow

Published on: 1/24/19, 6:43 PM